Quality Assurance

Abtec, Inc. has a documented quality system designed to be compliant and certified to ISO 9001:2015. We ensure the quality of your molded parts from conception to completion. With feasibility studies, design reviews, process capability studies, preventative maintenance and training, we prevent problems before they arise. Success comes from taking care of the little things while not losing sight of the over-all-picture. Attention to details is the difference between compliant and complaint. Satisfying our customer’s molding needs is our foremost occupation. This requires a program of continuously improving the process, the product, and the people. Our customers expect nothing less and it’s the only way we know to do business.

Abtec, Inc., as a custom molder, customizes its systems to meet the customer’s requirements, providing as much or as little inspection as your product deserves at cost effective prices. Our state-of-the-art inspection department is fully equipped with the latest in mechanical measuring devices and supporting software to provide for accurate and repeatable dimensions.

Abtec’s Quality system can provide:

  • PPAP capabilities
  • Full documented layout inspections
  • SPC
  • CPK

Quality Equipment

  • Mitutoyo CMM with ROI Optical Video Probe and SPC software.
  • Gage Master 300 Optical Comparator
  • Kayeness Melt Flow Rheometer
  • IMS Dew-Temp Dryer Monitor
  • Raytec Noncontact Thermometer
  • Provision 100 Borescope
  • Pacific Transducer Md. 408 Durometer


  • Visual Inspection (non-destructive and destructive examination)
  • Non-destructive X-ray examination
  • Material Analysis
  • Design/Process Evaluation
  • Computer simulated filling analysis
  • FEA
  • Product Evaluation
  • Design validation and modification
  • Quality Assurance
  • SQC
  • SPC
  • PPAP