The Benefits of Partnering With Us For OEM Parts

Abtec, Inc. is a custom injection molder based in Bristol, Pennsylvania, and offers valuable support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with their custom plastic part requirements. 

Abtec can assist: 

  1. Custom Plastic Injection Molding: Abtec specializes in custom plastic injection molding, allowing the production of plastic parts tailored to the specific needs and specifications of OEMs. Abtec has the expertise and equipment to handle complex designs and create high-quality, precision parts. 
  2. Design Assistance: Abtec can provide design assistance to OEMs, helping them optimize their product designs for manufacturability. Their experienced team can review designs, offer suggestions for improvement, and ensure that the parts can be effectively manufactured using plastic injection molding techniques. 
  3. Material Selection: Choosing the right material for plastic parts is crucial for their performance and longevity. Abtec has extensive knowledge of various plastic materials and can guide OEMs in selecting the most suitable options based on factors such as strength, durability, chemical resistance, and cost-effectiveness. 
  4. Prototyping: Before moving into full-scale production, Abtec can create prototypes of custom plastic parts. This allows OEMs to evaluate and test the parts for fit, functionality, and overall performance. Prototyping helps identify any necessary design iterations or improvements early in the process, reducing potential issues during production. 
  5. Manufacturing Expertise: With their state-of-the-art injection molding facility, Abtec can efficiently manufacture custom plastic parts in large quantities. They maintain high-quality standards and have robust quality control processes to ensure consistent production of parts that meet or exceed OEM expectations. 
  6. Timely Delivery: Abtec understands the importance of timely delivery to OEMs. They have efficient production processes in place and work closely with their clients to meet project deadlines and production schedules. 

Overall, Abtec, Inc. is equipped with the necessary capabilities, expertise, and resources to support OEMs with their custom plastic part needs. They offer end-to-end solutions, from design assistance to manufacturing, ensuring that OEMs receive high-quality, customized plastic parts that meet their requirements.

By partnering with Abtec, Inc., you can trust that your OEM parts will be manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety. 

To learn more about Abtec’s services and how we can help you improve your manufacturing processes, please visit our custom plastic injection molding page, injection mold design, injection mold prototyping, injection mold tooling pages. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project with our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.