Thermoplastic Injection Molding Company

Molded Plastic Part
Abtec Design Software

Design and Development

Using the latest techniques and manufacturing technology in the plastic injection molding industry, we're capable of creating the highest-quality injection molds around. The knowledgeable team at our plastic molding company has the experience to assist you with design, material selection, and other aspects of the development of your custom part. Using our advanced 3D modeling toolmaker, you'll have confidence knowing that our injection mold engineers will be able to design the perfect part to suit your needs.

Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding

Our plastic injection molding company focuses on designing a customized manufacturing process. We utilize cutting-edge robotics and mechanisms to create the most consistent and reliable injection molding process available. Whether you need prototype parts or mass-manufactured products, you can rely on our injection mold engineers to provide the items you need for your operations to succeed.

Abtec Spray Painting Molded Parts

Value Added Services

Abtec offers a variety of secondary services to complete your injection molded products. From ultrasonic welding and heat staking to painting and hot stamping, our plastic molding company offers a wide array of additional services so that your business can obtain customized parts that suit your unique needs. With the assistance of our injection mold company, obtaining high-quality parts in a timely manner is easier than ever.

Our Full-Service Plastic Injection Molding Company Also Offers the Following:

Injection Molding Tooling

When creating a custom injection mold, precision is of utmost importance ... — which is why our injection mold company is devoted to using cutting-edge 3D design software. We've been offering custom mold tooling since 1981 for countless industries, meaning that our team has the necessary experience and training to offer businesses like yours with faster turnarounds that will save time in the long run.

Prototyping for Injection Molding

We've created a finely-tuned process for prototyping injection molding that clients can receive a working model of their concept design without having to pay for more expensive molds. This allows our injection molding experts to make the necessary adjustments before you commit to a final design, allowing you to save money and perform testing with the mold as needed.