Prototype Services

Abtec Inc. is an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of custom injection molds and support tooling. We use cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients with precision injection-molded thermoplastic products, whether it is a custom-designed prototype or a replacement OEM part. We serve customers around the world from our ITAR/DOD-registered and ISO 9001:2015-certified facility with the highest level of accuracy, quality, and value.

At Abtec Inc., we design and engineer prototypes with additive manufacturing, build injection mold tooling, and manufacture products for startups, OEMs, and large companies alike. Our flexible development process gives you the opportunity to develop innovative products for any industry. From a simple sketching of a concept, Abtec Inc. can optimize your design for cost-effective injection molding.

The most important stage of any product may be during the design or development of the original concept. At this stage, choices are made that will impact the function of the end product and the costs involved with its manufacturing. Without a functional prototype for testing and analysis, questions may be left unanswered and advancement to the manufacturing stage may be delayed indefinitely. Abtec, Inc. proudly offers prototyping services to help our customers implement and optimize their designs. We often say: Do it once and do it right! A simple, clean and elegant solution!

Prototyping for Injection MoldingInjection Mold prototyping

At Abtec Inc., we have developed a finely tuned process for creating an injection-molded part, from the initial concept through shipping the completed order:

  1. Our skilled engineers meet with you to discuss your idea and create a design sketch.
  2. Using CAD software, our engineers turn the sketch into a fully optimized design, incorporating the materials and elements necessary to provide the maximum functionality and return on investment.
  3. We can 3D print to create a rapid prototype.
  4. The prototype is provided for fit, form, and function.
  5. Upon the successful completion of the testing, we build the injection mold tooling.
  6. Affordable mass production of the part is conducted using the injection molding process.
  7. Our experienced team provides any necessary assembly, then we package and ship your completed order.

While 3D printing is significantly slower and more expensive than injection molding for full-scale production, 3D-printed prototypes provide a way to create a working model of the concept without investing in more expensive tooling and molds when the design may still need adjustments. Having a three-dimensional sample allows the customer and our engineering team the opportunity to ensure that the component will fit seamlessly and operate as intended.

3D-printing is beneficial for injection mold prototyping because:

  • Physical testing proves efficacy
  • It saves time and money

What Are FDM Prototypes?

For fit, form and function testing, Abtec Inc., can provide FDM printed prototypes in ABS, TPU, PLA, and other materials.  If your project requires other means, we have partnered to offer additional prototyping options such as urethane casting, SLA, and SLS.

Working with production-grade thermoplastics and 3D printers specifically designed to work with them, Fused Deposition Modeling, also known as FDM, creates precise, robust parts with a high rate of repeatability. FDM prototypes are easy to produce, functional, and affordable. By first heating, then extruding the thermoplastic filaments, fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers produce parts in layers from the bottom up, creating a mechanical bond between layers.  FDM prototyping provides many advantages.

  • Cost efficiency. Production tooling requires a financial investment, and it doesn’t make sense to waste money on tooling for a component that is unproven. FDM prototyping is a low-cost way to test the fit and design of the part, allowing you the option of producing several prototypes before moving to production.
  • Range of materials. There are a wide range of thermoplastic filaments that can be leveraged for your FDM prototype. At Abtec, we often print prototypes for clients in multiple materials ABS, TPU, PLA and partnered to offer SLA, SLA and urethane casting to determine the best fit for their use.
  • Versatility. FDM technology grants significant flexibility in terms of material usage and workpiece size, enabling the printing of even large prototypes from multiple material options.

3d printed prototypesPrecision Prototype Services

Our talented team of engineers provide design assistance during all design phases and assists in modifying existing designs, providing service for our customers from concept to completion. Working with a quality prototype design and development partner will ensure the quality of your part and alignment of your design and manufacturing specifications.

Anything is printable, but Abtec Inc. can assure your printable part is also a moldable part that is economical for injection molding manufacturing. For more information on our design, engineering, and prototyping capabilities, contact us today.