INFOGRAPHIC: What Can You Make with Injection Molding?

What can you make with injection molding? Scroll down to view our infographic! Abtec, Inc provides injection molding services for a variety of materials and for a number of industries. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next project!

Acetal Copolymer Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as Celcon or Amcel

A Guide to Our Engineering Resins

Engineering resins are one of two types of plastics commonly used in the injection molding process. Commodity resins (the other common type) are inexpensive and typically used in consumer products like toys, packaging, and food containers. Engineering resins are ideal for use in industrial applications because they are strong and highly resistant to temperature, corrosion, […]

All You Need to Know About Injection Molded Thermoplastics

There are instances in manufacturing where metals cannot meet the weight and deflection demands specified by the application. When this is the case, thermoplastics often provide a solution. Thermoplastics are among a group of materials that melt when heated. They are common in manufacturing because heating makes them viscous, allowing for the formation of specific […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

Abtec, Inc. offers injection molding services for custom molds based on your design. We have a broad catalog of materials and thermoplastics, plus years of expertise to help get the job done right! Read our infographic below for some of the major advantages of custom injection molding, then contact us for more info or to request […]

liquid crystal polymers

Our Custom Thermoplastics Include Liquid Crystal Polymers for Your Design

Abtec’s custom injection molding services work with a wide variety of materials that range from commodity resins to high-tech, engineering-grade polymers. We work with the latest equipment and technology to design high-quality molds that create intricate and durable end products. One of the materials we’re most excited to use is liquid crystal polymers (LCPs). These […]

The Properties of Polyetherimide (PEI)

   What are some of the properties of polyetherimide (PEI)? Watch this informative video on why polyetherimide is a preferred thermoplastic for molding and design. It’s versatility is excellent across a range of industries! Contact us to request a quote, or for more info on how we can help with your next project!

The Parts, Pieces, and Products Made From Custom Injection Molding

One of the biggest problems associated with creating or building materials is that sometimes, standard parts don’t fit your specific application. Sometimes, the tools you need to create these parts don’t even exist. Increasingly, manufacturers are turning to custom injection molding to create specialty parts and products that they can’t find using standard procurement methods. […]

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